A Complete List of the Foods High in Magnesium

Magnesium Foods

Magnesium is an important and mostly overlooked mineral which plays a crucial role in our health and well being. The lack of this important mineral in body may lead to a laundry list of health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, Alzheimer, and more. Preventing and fighting diseases are not the only merits of … Read more

The Ultimate List of Top Omega-3 Foods

Omega-3 Foods

Omega-3 has gotten a lot of attention lately for its purported health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids help the body to function properly and play a crucial role in the growth of the body. Omega-3 also promotes heart health, boosts brain performance, and fights inflammation. There are lots of healthy and tasteful foods high in omega … Read more

The Ultimate List of Top Detoxifying Foods

Detoxifying Foods

Convenient foods such as fast foods and processed foods have become a staple of our modern lifestyle diet… Regular use of these toxin-laden foods in conjunction with a sedentary lifestyle are putting an increasing burden on our bodies. Also Read: What Detox (Cleanse) Really is and How Does it Work? When the body is exposed … Read more

The Ultimate List of Top Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation X-Rays

Inflammation is our body’s protective measure against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria. When inflammation occurs, white blood cells secrete chemicals into blood or infected cells to protect our body. This healthy immune response plays a crucial role in healing process and enables our bodies to heal injuries and fight infections. Chronic inflammation, however, … Read more

Niacin Detox – The Secret Quick Fix Solution!


We are living in a toxic world. The polluted air in our large modern cities floods our lungs with loads of harmful toxins. The chlorine which is available in all city tap water, and hose water too, makes its way into our bodies through showering or drinking them. Fast foods, canned foods, hormone-injected and antibiotic-laden … Read more