Cabbage Cucumber Salad Recipe

Cabbage Cucumber Salad

Cabbage Cucumber Salad is a popular Slavic side dish which is extremely easy to prepare and tastes just amazing. It’s also extremely healthy and budget-friendly. This salad is comprised of only natural and healthy ingredients and is 100% clean. It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, low-calorie, and can be included in nearly all healthy diets. This salad has … Read more

German Cucumber Salad Recipe

German Cucumber Salad in White Bowl

German Cucumber Salad, known as Gurkensalat in German, is a very popular salad in Germany. This delicious salad is commonly used as a side dish with other meals such as meat or fish. It’s 100 percent clean when used with vinegar-based dressing and is 95 percent clean when used with yogurt-based dressing. That’s due to … Read more

10 Homemade Healthy Detox Salad Recipes

Detox Salad

There is nothing easier in the world than making a large dish of delicious salad with mesmerizing colors… Just put different kinds of veggies together in a bowl and mix them together gently and top it with a natural “salad dressing”. And voila, you have a large dish of delicious, mouth-watering salad! But to make … Read more