Green Tea Detox: Benefits and Health Risks

Green Tea Detox

“Drinking a bowl of green tea, I stopped the war” – Paul Reps 60 years ago, when Paul Reps crafted this haiku in his prime book “Zen Telegrams”, the numerous health benefits of green tea was not still proven scientifically. But, apparently, there has been enough anecdotal evidence for Paul to assume that green tea … Read more

What Detox (Cleanse) Really is and How Does it Work?


Despite the controversy, the “Detox” or “Body Cleansing” treatments are surging in popularity. Proponents claim that the reason for the increasing popularity of these “body cleansing” remedies is that they simply work! On the other hand, the opponents argue that there aren’t enough scientific evidence to support the validity and effectiveness of these treatments. They … Read more