4 Reasons Why You Should and Should Not Do a Detox

Time to Detox

Chances are you’ve already seen on TV or read articles on the net from the industry experts claiming there is no such thing as “detox“. They usually tend to label all detox schemes and programs as pastor scams which their only goal is to cleanse your wallet of cash. They reason that there is no … Read more

What Detox (Cleanse) Really is and How Does it Work?


Despite the controversy, the “Detox” or “Body Cleansing” treatments are surging in popularity. Proponents claim that the reason for the increasing popularity of these “body cleansing” remedies is that they simply work! On the other hand, the opponents argue that there aren’t enough scientific evidence to support the validity and effectiveness of these treatments. They … Read more

Herbal Nitro’s Colon Cleanse Pills Review

Herbal NItro's Colon Cleansing Pills

This supplement review in fact goes over two different supplements with two different formulas which both are aimed at people who are trying to improve their bowel functions and get rid of toxins accumulated in their guts. The two supplements are: “My Gentle Cleanse” and “My Gentle Detox” which both are from “Herbal Nitro” company. … Read more

Golden Milk Recipe – Detox Your Liver and Fight Inflammation

Golden Milk

Most of the population living in Okinawa, a Japanese island with a high life expectancy of over 80 years, drinks golden milk, a traditional favorite beverage, on a daily basis. The main ingredients of this creamy and delicious drink are turmeric and coconut milk. Turmeric Turmeric has been used as a medicine or cooking spice … Read more

Niacin Detox – The Secret Quick Fix Solution!


We are living in a toxic world. The polluted air in our large modern cities floods our lungs with loads of harmful toxins. The chlorine which is available in all city tap water, and hose water too, makes its way into our bodies through showering or drinking them. Fast foods, canned foods, hormone-injected and antibiotic-laden … Read more