18 Easy DIY Detox Water Recipes Your Body Will Love

If you don’t have enough time to cook clean and healthy foods or prepare healthy detoxifying salads, there’s still an easy way to get rid of toxins accumulated in your system.

Detox waters are just pure waters which have been enhanced by addition of some natural super foods such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs. They just take a few minutes to prepare but are very powerful and helpful for your body.

When consumed on a regular basis, they help your body to detoxify and get rid of toxins. So drinking 2-3 glasses of these detoxifying drinks on a daily basis can significantly help your body to detoxify and rejuvenate itself.

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Toxins elimination is not the only benefit of drinking detox waters. They can also help one to lose weight, boost immune system, improve digestive health, reduce inflammation, and many more…

A Curated List of Top Detox Water Recipes

I usually do not make my detox waters in regular bottles and glasses. I usually make them in my infused water bottle and take it every where with myself. It has an “inner filter” and encourages you to drink more water during the day.

Below is a list of my favorite detox water recipes. They’re extremely easy to prepare and powerful in what they are intended to do. Just pick a few of them that are more interesting to you and add them to your skinny inventory, and drink 2-3 glasses of them for maximum results.

1. Lemon Grapefruit Detox Water

Lemon Grapefruit Detox Water
Image via Gut Health Project

Let the fruits stay in water for at least two hours before using it so that the nutrients seep into the water. Visit Gut Health Info to learn more about this recipe.

2. Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

Apple Cinnamon Detox Water
Image via Confessions of an Overworked Mom

“An apple a day, does keep the doctor away.”

This proverb shows that the amazing and miraculous healing powers of apple have been discovered many years ago. Apple contains pectin which can help you to remove heavy metals from your body. You can learn more about this delicious detox water in here.

3. Slim Down Detox Water

Slim Down Detox Water
Image via Skinny Mom

This is an ideal recipe for those who are willing to lose weight while cleansing their system. Grapefruit is famous for its fat burning properties, while lemon and lime speed up the detoxification process. You can find the recipe here.

4. Belly Slimming Detox Water

Belly Slimming Detox Water
Image via Budget Savvy Diva

Here’s another delicious skinny detox water to help you shed more pounds. The strawberries, cucumber, and basil leaves included in this drink help you to lose weight and get rid of toxins stored in your body. Find more about the recipe here.

5. Lemon Ginger Detox Water

Lemon Ginger Detox Water
Image via Skinny Ms

Although Lemon Ginger Drink has not been the most delicious drink I have ever drunken, but I usually take a few glasses of it during the week due to its wonderful effects on my body. Ginger is a powerful detox agent which improves digestion, boosts your metabolism, and promotes weight loss. Lemon, on the other hand, helps in detoxification process and hydrates your body. You can find the recipe in here.

6. Detox Spa Water

Detox Spa Water
Image via The Skinny Fork

Again another wonderful detox water which contains of water, cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves. Here’s the recipe.

7. Watermelon Detox Water

Watermelon Detox Water
Image via Love and Confections

A delicious detox drink for hot summer days! Watermelon makes the water sweet and tasty and helps your body to hydrate and cleanse itself. Click here to check out the recipe.

8. Strawberry and Basil Detox Water

Strawberry and Basil Detox Water
Image via Evermine

Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and manganese. This detox drink also tastes really well due to the sweet flavor of strawberry. Try it here.

9. Raspberry Mint Detox Water

Raspberry Mint Detox Water
Image via Sammy and Bella

Raspberry is an excellent source of antioxidants and the phytonutrients available in it help your body to fight inflammation. New findings also have highlighted the positive effect of raspberries on obesity and diabetes (type two) management. Grab the recipe here.

10. Blueberry Orange Detox Water

Blueberry Orange Detox Water
Image via The Peach Kitchen

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants which strengthens the immune system. It also controls the blood sugar and improves the eye health. Oranges, on the other hand, provides lots of vitamin C and fiber. Read here for the recipe.

11. Chia Detox Water

Chia Detox Water
Image via The Casual Craftlete

Chia seeds are full of nutrients such as antioxidants, fibers, healthy proteins, omega3 fatty acids, and etc. This healthy detox water made from chia seeds helps you to increase your energy levels dramatically, lose weight, and fight type 2 diabetes. Check it out here.

12. Cucumber Detox Water

Cucumber Detox Water
Image via Budget Savvy Diva

This cucumber detox recipe is a refreshing and perfect drink for hot summer days. Full recipe.

13. Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox Water

Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox Water
Image via A Harmony Healing

This is a delicious, nutrient-packed, and antioxidant-rich drink. Read here.

14. Strawberry Kiwi Detox Water

Strawberry Kiwi Detox Water
Image via Gut Health Project

Strawberries are a rich source of antioxidants. Kiwi also is the most vitamin C rich food in the world. The mixture of these two super foods can help you to detox and reboot your system in an effective way. Get it here.

15. Fat Burning Detox Drink

Fat Burning Detox Drink
Image via Raining Hot Coupons

The main ingredient of this drink is apple cider vinegar which can help you to lose weight, fight acne, and improve your skin health. Cinnamon, on the other hand, boosts your metabolism and helps you to shed weight more quickly. Recipe.

16. Lemon Berry Flush Fat Spa Water

Lemon Berry Flush Fat Spa Water
Image via Not Quite a Vegan

Blueberries and Raspberries both are the richest sources of antioxidants that fight off oxidative stress and prevent disease. Lemon also helps to detox and reboot. Check it out here.

17. Blueberry Lavender Water

Blueberry Lavender Water
Image via Melissas

Again another antioxidant-rich drink with blueberries and lavender flowers (or any other edible flower). Try it here.

18. Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Soda Drink

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Soda Drink
Image via Yuri Elkaim

New studies show that drinking soda regularly may have excessive adverse effects on your health and well-being. This drink is a perfect alternative for soda and can help you to kick the soda habit. Find the recipe here.

What do you think of these homemade healthy detox salad recipes? Do you have a personal favorite? Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and ideas.