Fit Tea Review – Does Fit Tea Actually Work?

As a part-time blogger and researcher, who writes mainly on topics such as detox methods and cleansing diets, I’ve always been looking for new and effective ways which can help people keep their system clean and maintain optimum health.

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Recently I noticed lots of hype around an especial brand of detox tea named “FitTea Detox” on the net. By just doing a simple Google or Instagram search, you’ll be able to find loads of “Fit Tea before and after images” both on their official site and other social media platforms such as Instagram. Among those images, you may also spot images of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bella Thorne, Debby Ryan, and many others who have been actively endorsing and promoting this product.

Celebrities Endorsing Fittea

I checked out almost all of the “Fit Tea Reviews” which had been published on the net specifically for this product. The reviews were often contradictory. Some overrated Fit Tea Detox as the best detox and weight loss solution available in the world! While a few others looked on it as a worthless supplement which is nothing but a complete waste of money!

To shed light on truths obscured by subjective reviews, I decided to buy a 28-day supply of this product to see how does Fit Tea work actually and what does fit tea do in real world. I purchased one pocket of the “Fit Tea 28-day Detox” from

In this review I’ll try to provide you all of the information you need to know about Fit Tea Detox and also will share with you my real-time results and verdict on the product.

What is Fit Tea?

FitTea is a blend of all natural ingredients such as Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, etc. The producers claim that regular use of this blend during a short period of time such as 14 or 28 days can boost energy, promote fat burning and weight loss, soothe and cleanse digestive system, and improve immune system.

What Are Fit Tea Ingredients?

Whenever I want to review a supplement, the first thing I’d like to look into is the ingredients of the product. The close study of each individual ingredient of the supplement can somehow tell us how effective the supplements is and how does it work. The availability of any dangerous or dubious ingredient within a supplement is a red flag and we should refrain from using such supplements to avoid any adverse health effects in future.

The image below lists all of the ingredients used in Fit Tea:

Fittea Ingredients

Fit Tea contains of organic and herbal ingredients only. Here is a list of the most important ingredients available within Fit Tea.

Organic Green Tea: Green tea boosts metabolism just a little bit and so despite what some health experts say it cannot help you lose a large amount of weight during a short period of time. But it can promote weight loss only if used regularly for a long period of time such as one or two years.

It also increases the process of thermogenesis which in turn improves the fat burning process.

Rooibos: Rooibos can fight inflammation, boost the immune system, and have anit-viral properties.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract: There have been a lot of buzz around this plant during the recent years. This tropical fruit has been used in many weight loss supplements due to an ingredient named hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is known to be a robust appetite suppressant.

Oolong Tea: Regular use of oolong tea may lead to many health benefits such as: increasing metabolism, lowering the risk of cancer and heart diseases, and improving mental alertness.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate decreases LDL Cholesterol and increases HDL Cholesterol. It’s also high in antioxidants.

Stevia: Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories! It can give more sweet taste to your food than honey but contains no carbs and zero calories. Adding Stevia to your food is a great way to satisfy your sugar cravings while avoiding the adverse side effects of sugar.

Guarana: Guarana are in fact natural seeds from a tree which grows in south America. It’s high in caffein, and like all other caffein-rich foods, it boosts metabolism and can improve the fat burning process.

Ginger: Ginger is also another super food which has created lots of buzz in recent years. Too many health benefits have been correlated with the use of Ginger and it needs a separate large post to list all of them. A few of Ginger’s health benefits which can contribute to weight loss and detoxification are speeding up the metabolism, improving digestion health, fighting inflammation, and flushing out accumulated water in your body and cells.

Is Fit Tea Safe?

I believe that, whenever we want to choose a supplement or health product, the first thing we need to look at is how safe and healthy that product is, rather than worrying about its effectiveness.

So before asking the question of “does fit tea really work?”, I’d rather to ask “what are fit tea side effects?” or “are there any potentially dangerous or harmful ingredient available within fit tea?”.

As mentioned above, all of the ingredients used in Fit Tea blend are natural, organic, chemical-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. In fact, you can buy each ingredient separately from grocery or health stores and mix them to create your custom Fit Tea blend. This is the thing I prefer to do most of the times.

However, below is a list of possible side effects or concerns correlated to the use of Fit Tea.

Possible Allergic Reactions

I didn’t experience any side effects during and after the 28-day use of Fit Tea, but there are very few people who have reported that they experienced severe allergic reactions after using Fit Tea for a few days. The symptoms were bloating, swollen eyes and face, and itchy arms and legs. If you experienced any of these symptoms stop using Fit Tea as soon as possible and consult with your doctor for further advice or treatment.

These allergic reactions may happen very very rarely due to the availability of unusual ingredients in the blend which your body may had not used to.

Too Much Caffeine

Another concern with Fit Tea is the fairly high amount of caffeine available in each serving of it. Having a quick look at ingredients of Fit Tea you’ll notice most of its ingredients have caffeine. This large amount of caffeine in one glass of tea can easily add up with other caffein-rich foods you may use during the day like coffee, teas, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, candies, cocoa, etc. and put you in the risk of suffering from side effects caused by too much caffeine such as headache, insomnia, restlessness, stomach upset, and spasm.

Diuretic Ingredients

Another concern in regards to Fit Tea is the diuretic effects of the tea. The diuretic ingredients available in the blend makes your body lose a large amount of water. Consequently, you’ll lose some weight, but the weight will get back quickly as soon as you stop using the diuretic ingredients.

The frequent use of diuretics may lead to serious adverse health effects such as dehydration or electrolyte imbalance in body.

Does Fit Tea Actually Work?

As mentioned earlier, I bought a “Fit Tea 28-day detox” pack and started using it as soon as I received it. I ditched all exercises, diets, or supplements during the time I was using FitTea. This way I could get a tangible and trustable conclusion of how the fit tea affected my body.

Below is a list of the results that Fit Tea is supposed and advertised to bring about and my personal verdict and how it worked for my body.

Weight Loss

In fact the majority of the users of Fit Tea are those trying to lose weight. After using Fit Tea for 28 days I lost about 4 pounds and my stomach got flatter and my body looked a little slimmer. But, a few days later, when I stopped to use it anymore, I start to gain that weight back again. This came about, most probably, due to the availability of diuretic content in the blend.

Ginger is a natural diuretic and flushes away water from your body. In fact, most of the weight I lost, was just water and the amount of fat I lost was not noticeable.

Maybe after using Fit Tea on a regular basis for more than six months one can see some tangible fat loss results due to ingredients like organic green tea, oolong tea, and ginger.

Therefore, I don’t recommend Fit Tea to anyone whose main goal from using Fit Tea is to lose some weight and burn stubborn fat. I believe that exercising and dieting are the way to go for losing weight.


As the name of the product implies, “Fit Tea 28-day detox” is supposed to help your body get rid of accumulated waste and toxins. I really don’t know why they call it a detox drink, because by simply looking at the ingredients of fit tea you’ll find out that there are no decent detoxifying ingredients in the blend.

Colon, liver, and kidneys are the main organs of the body’s detoxification system and a good detox product should support the detoxification system and boost your digestive functions in a way it can get rid of the wastes accumulated over there and/or it should help to gently flush away accumulated toxins in liver and/or kidneys.

But what about Fit Tea? Does Fit Tea make you poop? Well, it actually improved my digestive functioning a little bit and helped my body with its detoxification process. But the effectiveness of Fit Tea for detox purposes was not even anything close to my favorite detox supplement i.e. Herbal Nitro’s Colon Cleansing supplements. A real detox or colon cleansing product should help you detox on a gentle note without experiencing any adverse side effects.

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Appetite Depressing

After using Fit Tea for a few days I witnessed a noticeable decrease in my appetite. I cannot say it was a strong appetite depressor, but it can be considered as a low moderate to moderate appetite depressor.

Energy Boost

Another advertised health benefits of Fit Tea is its ability to boost energy. During the four-week period of using Fit Tea I didn’t feel any lows in my energy levels. Although I didn’t feel any highs too. So, I can attest that it may actually help to keep my energy levels in balance.


Another tangible change I was able to feel after starting to use Fit Tea was the noticeable decrease of my bloating. I used to bloat like crazy during my periods, but during my last period, while I was using Fit Tea, I had much much less bloating. I’m not still sure if the considerable reduction of my bloating is just due to the use of Fit Tea or any other factor. However, I have a hunch that it’s the effect of the fit tea. I will do more testing in the future months to make sure if it was the effect of Fit Tea or something else. I’ll update this post as soon as I have reliable evidences and results.

Update: I start to experience bloating after stopping to use Fit Tea. So, I can say, Fit Tea most probably helped with my bloating, but the benefits were temporary and maybe I should look for a more viable and more lasting solution for my bloating problem.

How Does Fit Tea Taste?

Fit Tea is in fact a combination of several different teas, and should be used like any other tea. The recommended dosage is one cup of tea per day. I drank one cup of Fit Tea every morning, because it contain caffeine and using it at night or before sleep may cause headache or sleeping problems.

The taste is OK. To make it more bearable and tasteful I usually added one teaspoon of stevia to my drink. I also tried other natural sweeteners like agave syrup and honey, and all of them turned out to taste good with Fit Tea. My favorite blend turned out to be a combination of one cup of Fit Tea, one spoon of lemon juice, and one spoon of honey.

You can also add different types of sweeteners and/or flavors to your tea to discover your favorite combination.

Where to Buy Fit Tea?

You can buy Fit Tea online from their official site at or from other online stores like Walmart, GNC, or Amazon. I bought mine from After comparing the prices of Fit Tea on different online stores I found out that the prices in Amazon are cheaper than their official site and also other online stores.

While reading reviews on the web I noticed that some people who had ordered Fit Tea from their official site had some shipping or customer support issues. So, If you really are interested to buy Fit Tea, I recommend you to buy it from Amazon instead of their official site to avoid shipping issues and also get it in a lower price.

Final Verdict

Fit Tea is a combination of all natural ingredients and is nearly safe to use. In the long run, it may lead to many health benefits including lowering LDL Cholestrol levels, boosting metabolism, deppressing appetite, and losing weight. To get the most from Fit Tea it’s recommend to use it in conjunction with weekly exercises and a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If your purpose is to cleanse your body and lose some weight in a short period of time Fit Tea is not for you. Yes, it will help you lose some pounds in the short run, but nearly all off that lost weight is going to be just water which you’ll put it on a few days after stopping to use Fit Tea.

If you’re looking for a decent detoxifying or fat burning supplements I recommend you to try Herbal Nitro’s Colon Cleansing Supplements for cleansing your colon and body.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Seems to reduce bloating
  • Moderate appetite depressor
  • Can boost energy


  • Too much caffeine content
  • Diuretic ingredients
  • Not a decent Weight loss product
  • Not a decent detox product