10 Creepy and Healthy Halloween Cocktail Recipes to Spook Your Guests

Halloween is a time for celebration and some superstition!

The creepier the better! But it should not necessarily be unhealthy…

Check out the following spooky Halloween cocktails which help you enjoy the party without placing lots of strain on your body. These recipes are spooky but on a healthier note

1. Eyeball Highball Cocktail for Halloween

Eyeball Highball Cocktail for Halloween
Image via This Mama Cooks

Ingredients: radish, gin or vodka, Manzanilla Olives, vermouth

A kid friendly scary cocktail made from vodka or gin. Find the recipe in here.

2. The Sludge Monster Martini

The Sludge Monster Martini
Image via Nom Nom Crunch

Ingredients: spinach, apple, lemon juice, orange juice, triple sec, vodka

This monstrously green drink contains cleansing ingredients such as lemon juice and spinach! Check out the recipe in here.

3. Walker Blood Sangria for Dead Eats

Walker Blood Sangria for Dead Eats
Image via Cravings of Lunatic

Ingredients: wine, pomegranate juice, cointreau (or orange juice or orange liqueur), sparkling water, ice

A bloody drink inspired by “The Walking Dead” series. Here is the recipe.

4. Potion De Muerto Cocktail

Potion De Muerto Cocktail
Image via Liquor

Ingredients: tequila, beet juice, orange juice, lemon juice, agave syrup, orange bitters

A perfect cocktail to inject some fun into the night and impress your guests. You can find the recipe in here.

5. Bloody Orange Cocktail

Bloody Orange Cocktail
Image via HGTV

Ingredients: vodka, licor43, orange juice, raspberry syrup, orange, plastic syringes

Despite its scary appearance, this bloody orange juice tastes good. You can learn more about this scary but tasty cocktail in here.

6. Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita

Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita
Image via Wicked Spatula

Ingredients: agave silver tequila, lemon juice, blackberries, sage leaves, maple syrup, orange bitters, dry ice

A very fun and spooky red cocktail. You can find the recipe here.

7. Pumpkin Spice Margarita

Pumpkin Spice Margarita
Image via Real House Moms

Ingredients: lime juice, lemon juice, tequila, pumpkin puree, Cointreau (or triple sec), water, ice cubes, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice

This is a perfect drink for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Find more about the recipe here.

8. Black Magic

Black Magic
Image via Elle Talk

Ingredients: black vodka, cherry juice, orange juice, cherry syrup, Wilton Pearl Dust in White

This black magic or galaxy cocktail looks magical and beautiful. Here is the recipe.

9. Poison Berry Smash

Poison Berry Smash
Image via Camille Styles

Ingredients: blackberries, ice, gin, agave, lime juice, sparkling wine, thyme

Your guests will love this delicious healthy poison! Click here to check out the recipe.

10. Love Potion

Love Potion
Image via The Cookie Rookie

Ingredients: pomegranate juice, strawberry vodka, liqueur, dry ice, strawberries

You can drink this potion on Halloween, Valentine’s day, or use it as a Bridal Shower Cocktail! Find the recipe here.

What do you think of these healthy Halloween cocktail recipes? Do you have a personal favorite? Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and ideas.