How to Get Super Skinny Very Fast in 10 Easy Steps!

If you have ever gone on a diet to lose some pounds and get that dream skinny shape, you most probably have understood that dieting really sucks!

Diet plans have been designed to deprive you of the things you have a craving for. Some of these general dieting plans may work well within a short-time framework, but I’m unsure if it’s going to be the best solution in the long run.

The reason they don’t work as well as they’re expected is that they have been designed without considering the needs of each individual.

Certainly I’m not recommending you to forget it all about dieting and gorge on processed and junk food, otherwise I believe that if you’re overweight and feeling unhealthy, something may be going wrong with your diet and it will need to undergo some significant changes.

As far as I’m concerned, choosing a healthy way of cooking and eating while considering your individual needs and following your instincts and inner signals is definitely the way to go.

I strongly believe that the best starting point for those in favor of losing weight is going on a detox program for a few weeks. A detoxification program, when it’s done the right way, can help you drop lots of pounds within a very short time (maybe just a few weeks or days).

These dieting plans are not designed to be taken for lifetime, but you should only pursue them for just a limited amount of time in order to get your body back on track by getting rid of harmful toxins, decreasing the workload of your body, and reactivating the natural healing power of it.

After revitalizing your body through detoxification, then it’s time to break those unhealthy habits and cultivate new healthy rituals. So, below is the list of our top 10 tips on how to get skinny fast and keep it off.

Man and Woman Exercising Hard

Step #1: Put the required effort forward!

The first step to get a skinny body fast and keep it off forever is to put some effort into pursuing a healthy lifestyle, especially if you’re just starting out. In the beginning it takes some preparation and planning on your part.

You need to know exactly how much weight are you willing to lose and during how much time are you trying to reach that goal and then you must push ahead with your skinny diet plan and lifestyle.

So, be prepared to run into difficulties especially during the first month period when you’re trying to get out of your unhealthy habits and are developing new, healthy, and skinny habits. You didn’t put on those pounds overnight, so it won’t come off overnight either.

Junk Food and Big Belly

Step #2: Avoid junk foods

The first action that needs to be done on your part is getting rid of all those unhealthy and junk foods which are sitting in your fridge, freezer, or pantry.

Undoubtedly, those junk foods are responsible for all of the bad feelings of frustration, disappointment, unfairness, and angst. Just throw them away or you will be tempted to snack on them all day whenever you open your fridge, freezer, or pantry. You have to keep a watchful eye on whatever goes in your mouth.

Instead, you want to find a Tupperware for keeping the skinny meals, snacks and soups which you have prepared ahead, so that whenever you open your fridge, freezer, or pantry, some healthy and skinny foods would be available to choose from.

Junk foods comprise of all kinds of drinking sodas (including diet sodas), alcohol, sugar drinks, snacks (popcorn, cookies, potato chips, cakes, ice cream, candy, etc.), and all kinds of processed foods and canned foods.

The addictive ingredients which have been used in these foods make you want to eat more of them to get fatter and finally put more money in the pocket of those companies.

Old Woman Cooking in the Kitchen

Step #3: Be your own cook

If you want those pounds start falling, without having to starve to death day in and day out or trigger feelings of deprivation, the only way around it is to learn and start to cook skinny.

You need to keep a watchful eye on what you put into your belly. You can’t just put any junk food you get your hands on into your belly and expect to get super skinny.

You need quality super healthy foods with healthful ingredients and balanced flavor which have been put together by you while having your own individual needs and cravings in mind.

Start from simple and easy recipes and gradually build up your favorite skinny inventory as you go on. Also try to prepare some foods which you can take with yourself whenever you’re not at home. This way you’ll be able to stick to your skinny diet and eat well while at work.

Small Amount of Meat

Step #4: Cut down on animal foods

All animal products, including meat and dairy, include much higher calorie and fat than the foods that come from plants. Our bodies and digestion can handle plans much easier than animal products.

Fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, and beans are all rich sources of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats and give your body a chance to recharge with good energy.

Definitely I’m not trying to convince you to totally refrain from animal products, but you need to keep a balance between animal and plant foods. A good rule of thumb is that plant food should comprise 80 percent or more of your daily intake while animal products embrace only 20 percent of it.

By following this simple rule, you can still enjoy your “guilty pleasure” foods from time to time without having to be worried about adding up to those pounds, and so getting the best of both worlds.

Raw Vegetables and Fruits in the Basket

Step #5: Feast on raw fruits and veggies

You also want to include lots of raw fruits and veggies in your diet because not only they’re a large source of vitamins and minerals but the high amounts of fiber included in them will also fill you up quicker and curb your appetite in a healthy way.

Scale for Measuring Calorie Intake

Step #6: Limit your calorie intake

If you’ve ever been trying to lose weight, chances are pretty good you already know the most fundamental rule of weight loss i.e. “to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat every day”.

There has been a lot of hype around this topic, and we’re not planning to add to it. So, without further ado, below is a list of most important activities which can accelerate the calorie burning process:

  • Eating every 4 to 5 hours will help your body to burn more calories based on recent findings
  • High-intensity strength-training accelerates the calorie burning process by boosting your metabolism
  • Adding muscles will lead to an increase in your “Basal Metabolic Rate” and helps to burn more calories

So just by eating every 4 to 5 hours every day, and including high-intensity strength-training workouts a few times a week and on a regular basis you can help your body to burn a large amount of calories day in and day out.

That said, the easiest, safest, and most crucial step, in regards to calorie consumption and burning, is to limit or avoid high-calorie foods such as dairy, meat, snacks, processed foods, and etc. Following the above-mentioned 80/20 rule can also make a large difference in the amount of calories you receive daily.

Hungry Man

Step #7: Only eat when you’re hungry

Getting skinny and staying in shape is not about starving or eating like a runaway horse. Instead, you need to follow your instincts and feed your body just whenever you receive the signals.

Definitely, by eating low-calorie and healthy meals every 4 to 5 hours you will never feel hunger or get fat. But, for optimum health and getting the most out of your diet, you need to go by this fundamental rule:

NEVER START eating unless you feel hunger and STOP eating before you get FULL.

Man Exercising in the Gym

Step #8: Don’t spend lots of your time in the gym

Certainly moving your body and exercising will help your body to burn more calories, drop a few pounds, and put on some muscle. But, in regards to weight loss, exercising does not make a big difference and is not a productive way for losing weight.

In fact, the key to learning how to become skinny within a fairly short time-frame, and also how to be skinny in the long haul, is to learn how to manipulate your diet properly and master the art of healthy and skinny cooking.

Don’t take my words for granted. Check out the following headlines from “The Guardian” and “New York Times”:

Why exercise won’t make you thin

Why Doesn’t Exercise Lead to Weight Loss?

So, instead of spending lots of your precious time on ineffective workouts in the gym, just focus your time and energy on building up your skinny inventory of healthy foods based on above-mentioned rules.

Breakfast Table

Step #9: Eat a big breakfast and a light dinner

Recent findings show that the people who tend to skip breakfast are much more likely to gain weight than those who jump start their day with a big and healthy breakfast ().

To overcome this unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast you may want to prepare a large and delicious breakfast the night before, or you may also keep some healthy food in a plastic container so that you can bring it with yourself if you were in a rush.

Our bodies have been designed to spend energy during the day and recover and gain energy at night through a good night’s sleep. But our hectic city lifestyle requires us to stay up till midnight and fill up our bellies with unhealthy high-calorie snack foods.

This unsolicited food places a large burden on our bodies, requires it to produce more fat and drifts us into a restless troubled sleep. Alternatively, your body will start to burn lots of fat during the night if you just refuse to eat anything at least 2 or 3 hours before going to bed.

Evidently that last before-bed meal needs to be a light, low-calorie, and healthy one.

Build Good Habits and Break Bad Habits.

Step #10: Develop good habits and make them stick

Last but not least, you need to get out of those nasty unhealthy habits and build new healthy and skinny rituals and stick with them in the long run in order to get that desirable skinny shape.

Certainly it’s not going to be an easy task to give up those lifelong bad habits, and replace them with good ones. It will require a good deal of effort on your part before you start to feel comfortable with new habit changes.

Whenever you try to get out of a habit or get into a new one, your body and mind will resist the change especially during the first 30 days. So, establishing effective habits, takes time and considerable willpower to adapt to the new changes.

I recommend you to pick up just one skinny habit each month and concentrate on developing that one habit during that month. When that habit is established you can go on to the next one.

For example, during the first month you may try your hand at developing the habit of having a light dinner at 8:00 pm and avoiding to eat anything until the next morning when you feast on a healthy breakfast. During the second month you may want to give junk foods a miss, and so on. . .

Getting skinny, and staying skinny, to put it in a nutshell, is not just about going on a diet or doing some workouts within a limited period of time and then coming back to your previous unhealthy rituals, but it’s a matter of lifestyle change.

You need to follow these steps day in and day out to get the most out of your skinny efforts. When you get used to your new skinny lifestyle it’s going to be much easier and more fun to follow along with these steps with minimum effort.

Granted, it takes lots of hard work and willpower in the beginning, but believe me, it really worth it to put in the time and the effort to feel healthier, feel more confident, and shape up to a hotter healthier body.

How to Get Super Skinny in 10 Easy Steps - Infographic