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No matter whether you’re a health and fitness guru or just starting a healthy living revolution, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Mary. I’m the lead editor of

In my quest to achieve optimal health and wellness, I tried lots of eating plans, recipes, exercises, supplements, herbals, and even alternative therapies.

Unfortunately the majority of these eating plans, supplements, and therapies did not deliver what they had promised to do.

And only a few of them worked as they were supposed to work!

So, I decided to create this page to be used as a resource which lists only the tools and products I’ve used (or am using) and have turned out to work well for me.

As a result, this list will help you meet your goals faster and achieve optimal health and wellness without having to spend lots of money, effort and time on eating plans, products, tools, and supplements which would do no good and may even be harmful.

My Gentle Detox (Cleanse)

Herbal Nitro My Gentle Cleanse (Detox) Supplements

Herbal Nitro’s Colon Cleansing pills exactly do what they promise to do. They gently cleanse the gut out of accumulated wastes and toxins and promotes digestive health and bowel functions. It’s highly recommended to take their one-time deal named “My Gentle Detox Cleanse Duo” to test both of their major colon cleansing formulas and to find out which one works better for your body. You can read my full in-depth review in here to learn how they work and how I use them to always keep my colon and body clean.

Official WebsiteMy In-depth Review