9 Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is worst of all…

It is a very common complaint which is affecting 70 to 80 percent of adults and usually there is no obvious cause for it!

The sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are the root causes of many aches, pains, and diseases of our modern society.

Lower back pain is not an exception. Thus, in most cases, our sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are the main culprits too.

Lower back pain can sometimes be debilitating and unbearable. While suffering lower back pain, maybe your only option to escape the pain for a few hours is to take medications to ease the pain.

Although pain medications are effective in the short run, but their severe side effects may do more harm than good over the long haul.

The good news is that new studies shows that you can practice yoga as an alternative to pain medication to relieve lower back pain.

The study was done on 100 women, mainly at their 40, who were diagnosed with chronic back pain.

They were divided into three different groups:

Group 1: Practiced yoga for 12 weeks based on Viniyoga, Physical Therapy, and The Back Pain Handbook

Group 2: Attended therapeutic exercise classes taught by a physical therapist

Group 3: Just read a copy of The Back Pain Helpbook

The participants of the first group who took Yoga classes outperformed other groups other two groups. They improved their back pain by 78% and were able to drop the use of pain medications by almost two-third ().

Check out this DVD to learn more about Viniyoga and how it can help you alleviate lower back pain.

Other new studies also show that Yoga can benefit those with knee pain and taking a 12-week yoga class can relieve knee pain and increase mobility ().

Below are the top 9 yoga for lower back pain stretches that may help you relieve your pain and cut down on pain medication:

Bridge Pose

This pose helps to relieve your back pain by stretching the front part of your thigh and creating a balance between strength and flexibility in your hip.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This simple and easy yoga pose can benefit both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. It reduces back pain by reversing the forces of gravity on your spine.

Cobra Pose

This pose, if performed correctly, is an excellent exercise for strengthening and improving the flexibility of your spine. It reduces back pain by relieving compression of the disk on the nerve root.

Locust Pose

This simple yoga pose alleviates back pain by stretching and strengthening your lower back muscles and correcting your posture.

Cat Pose

This pose is usually used in conjunction with cow pose. It’s a great exercise for warming up the muscles around your spine and reducing lower back pain.

Cow Pose

This pose which usually is used with cat pose alleviates back pain by massaging and loosening the muscles around your spine.

Pigeon Pose

This pose relieves lower back and sciatic pain by stretching and loosening spine, hips, and inner thighs.

Triangle Pose

This standing yoga pose alleviates lower back pain by strengthening the legs and stretching groins ,hamstrings and hips.

Butterfly Pose

While doing this exercise make sure to keep your spine erect. Butterfly pose can reduce back pain by stretching goin, hips, knees, and inner thighs.

The infographic below illustrates all of the yoga poses mentioned above. Feel free to save it for further reference or share it with your friends if you think it may be useful to them.

9 Yoga Poses to Reduce Lower Back Pain